This update follows on from the Article we recently published on the many areas of planning that UK employers could usefully carry out in preparation for a return to work. We now have had the announcement from the Prime Minister on Sunday 10 May, and the advisory document, “New Guidance Launched to help get Brits Safely Back to Work”, published on 11 May. It sits alongside the rather longer document dealing with the strategy generally for recovery, “Our Plan to Rebuild”, and has limited information directly in relation to work matters. There are then specific guidance documents, such as Working safely during COVID-19 in offices and contact centres, published by BEIS, also on 11 May, which contains more practical guidance in relation to the sorts of details employers need to think about for office workers.

This update looks at the guidance that has been published and the principles that can be derived from the published guidance. It then also looks at the recent ICO guidance on workplace testing which is likely to feature in many employer’s plans for a return to work. To read the full update, please visit