In a world where we can no longer host in person events without following all of the latest government guidelines on social distancing, use of face masks and providing a bucket-load of hand sanitizer, online learning tools such as webinars, podcasts, blogs and vlogs, are having their time in the limelight. With this new era, comes new opportunity.

When lockdown began in the UK in March 2020, like many, Nicholas Robertson hunkered down at home and quickly got to grips with various online platforms to be able to continue working effectively. Already a seasoned podcaster and producer of Mayer Brown’s UK Employment Law Podcast, on 15 April 2020 Nick was invited by the Employment Lawyers Association (“ELA”) to host an interview with Judge Shona Simon and Judge Brian Doyle, where (in under an hour) they covered the impact of the pandemic on tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal (“EAT”), and the steps that were being taken to address the impact. To listen to this podcast, you can access it through the ELA website.

Hot on the heels of this podcast, Nick was invited to take part in a video webinar produced by ELA and the Employment Law Bar Association (“ELBA”) on 6 May 2020, where he was joined by co-host Diya Sen Gupta QC, Blackstone Chambers. Together they presented to more than 300 viewers, and interviewed the President of Employment Appeal Tribunal, The Honourable Mr Justice Choudhury, on the recent EAT guidance and how EAT hearings are being conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can also view this recording through the ELA website.

Another webinar highlight from 2020, so far, was Nick’s invitation to participate on a panel hosted by the Industrial Law Society that considered the various return to work issues employers are facing following the economic effects of the pandemic. However, this webinar was not recorded.

Nick has also led on Mayer Brown’s recent Global Employment and Benefits Broadcast Series, part of the firm’s wider “10Hundred” series addressing the top 10 issues clients are facing in the first 100 days of returning to business, and he continues to provide insight into the latest case law developments through the fortnightly Mayer Brown podcast: UK Employment Law Podcast, A View from Mayer Brown. So that you aren’t missing a beat, subscribe to the podcast and you’ll receive the latest episodes as and when they come available.