What helping hand could the French State, traditionally a Welfare state, give to employees with the lowest income and therefore those most affected by inflation?

Only a large-scale measure, both attractive to employees and employers, would have had a chance of achieving the dual objective of increasing the purchasing power of employees without jeopardising the economic balance of the company.

The legislator has therefore provided a new method for employees to buy back rest days (known as “RTT days” for “working time reduction days”) which should benefit, in view of the eligibility criteria adopted, the fringe of employees most exposed to the effects of inflation.

So what does this buy-back scheme consist of? Over what period is it planned to apply and what are the eligibility criteria?

The French government outlines all the conditions to benefit from this temporary measure in the link below:

Link: https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/actualites/A15921?lang=en For further information on this temporary measure, please contact Julien Haure or Marine Hamon.